Slip Protection From Safety Flooring in Dallas, TX

Protect your business from slips and falls with safety flooring

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Slip Protection From Safety Flooring in Dallas, TX

Slips and falls are a costly problem. If you are a business owner that sees lots of foot traffic, your employees and customers are at risk of slipping. This risk increases if your floor is frequently exposed to water or is made with a naturally slippery material. Slips and falls are something you want to do everything to prevent as a business owner. Slips have cost American businesses over $9 billion in lost wages and workman comp alone. This number does not include the amount of money lost from litigation.

It is clear that slips and falls are a costly problem. But what can you do to prevent them? You probably already take some precautions such as warning signs, but this just isn’t enough. The best way to prevent these costly accidents is to make sure the floor itself is safe. A floor that is designed to prevent slips can drastically cut the chances of an accident happening. Safety flooring in Dallas, TX from Floor Safety Pros is the best way to make sure your business is safe from slips and falls.

There are many ways we can make your business safer with safety flooring in Dallas, TX. We can install many features such as mats, coating, tape, and slip resistant material to make your your employees and customers stay safe while walking around your business. These features are designed to increase the traction between your floor and shoe, which reduces the likelihood of slips.

If you are unsure of which safety flooring in Dallas, TX is right for you, give us a call! We can set up a free safety consultation with you where we identify potential safety hazards and their solutions. Once you have identified the right solutions, we will start working on your safety flooring in Dallas, TX. After our crew is done working, your business will be protected from the hazards of slips and falls.