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Anti Slip in Arlington, TX

Slips and falls can be disastrous. The injuries that result from a fall may be serious, so it is always a good idea to take as much precaution as you can to prevent them from happening. Did you know that in recent years the reports of slips and falls has risen by 42%? That’s right, more and more slips and falls in the workplace are being reported. And the cost associated with one of these accidents isn’t cheap. Slips and falls have cost employers approximately $9 billion in lost wages and workman comp alone. This number does not include the cost of litigation, which is an extremely costly process.

While there are some very basic precautions you can take such as wet floor signs and slip warnings, these aren’t often enough. The most effective way to prevent a fall is by taking measures for anti slip in Arlington, TX.

There are many different ways to implement anti slip in Arlington, TX. At Floor Safety Pros, we can do it all. Our services can be used in schools, warehouses, hospitals, assisted living centers, water parks, kitchens, pools, and much, much more. Whether you need a new floor altogether, some coating to provide extra traction, sealing, stair nosing, anti slip tape, anti slip plating, fatigue mats, and more, we can do it all.

If you are unsure which measure for anti slip in Arlington, TX is best for your business, then schedule a safety consultation with us! In our consultation we will tour your business and recommend the features for anti slip in Arlington, TX that would be the most beneficial for your workplace. After that, we can get to work and start making your business by greatly reducing the likelihood of a slip.